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ElectroMagneticWorks HF Works 1.5

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Jun 5, 2002
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hf works

hi all!
what do you think about EMW HFWorks?
it is a 3d FEM simulator based on COSMOS/DesignSTAR 3.0.
who did its tried?
tell us your impression please.

how hf works

hi wave-maniac!
thank you for answer.
wave-maniac said:
...ElectroMagneticWorks ... has developed HFS 3D for SRAC COSMOSM. I have tested that completely.
i know 4 EMW products: ATLASS, EMS, HFWORKS and MEMS. i don't understand what EMW product you are tested.
It has a serious bug when one considers more than one mode for a port. ... HF Works 1.5 is the same one, plus an absorbing boundary condition for radiation, and a better gui. I hope they have debugged it.
i hope too.
but who has tested HFWorks?
it is possible to download full featured timelimited version:
best regards.


hi all!
i guessed, why this program so unpopular.
HFWorks needs COSMOS/DesignSTAR for meshing (only).
but to create your model for DesignSTAR you need some CAD program.
it may be:
-Solid Works
-Solid Edge
-Autodesk Inventor
and so on...
tell me please, wich CAD program is the best (easy to use)?
thanks in advance.

download hfworks

As for the CAD side, it depends a lot on a model complexity.
Simple 2-D models can be drawn using any program that supports DXF format, like VISO, AutoSketch, or similar.

A complex 3-D structure could be drawn with programs like
- AutoCAD
- MicroStation
- Solid works

and so on.

If there are any problems iimporting the DXF file, try using SAT or IGES file format.
As for the learning a CAD package, try anything simple 2-D, and than move to, say, AutoCAD, because there are many tutorials ans learning materials on the web. I would not try learning CATIA for this purpose , due to complexity.

electromagneticworks forum

Autocad LT is my favorite. Easy to use and widely available.

hfworks download

thank you, thank you all.
i like autocad too.
and i know it can import to *sat file...
but somehow it is absent in designStar's list of the advisable cad-programs.
even so i'll try it.
i'll tell you later...
best regards.


I like AutoCAD. Solid work is too complicated.

emw ems licence pricing

Please remember that you should use 3D solid modeler
A/u/t/o/c/a/d LT is only 2D
I think most easy to use is S/o/l/i/d/Works or S/o/l/i/d/Edge. Also Inventor, but I have no experiences.
Yopu can also use M/e/c/h/a/n/i/c/a/l Desktop from A/u/t/o/d/e/s/k
Please note: all model must be solids, not wires.

Do you have licenses for HFWorks? It's interesting for me.

Regards, AN

hello AN!
yes, AutoCAD LT is for 2d only, but it is possible to use AutoCAD.
i've tried v2002. it is bad that objects are unnamed, and after export in *.sat file and import to HFWorks they get names part1, part2,... part438... :) it is possible to get mixed up.
may be i do something wrong?
i think Solid Edge is better. seems our mechanical designers have it.

i sent pm to you about license. check your inbox please.
best regards.

ems and hfwork download

Every file conversion is a trade off, and you are going to lose some information about the model. Still, SAT file format should do the trick.
You have not done anything wrong. I have not tried HFWorks yet, but you should try following:
Immediately after importing the file and before doing anything else, select primitives, like arcs, blocks or similar. They should be highlighted, than change the name the way you like. Usually done by
Change > Object> Properties> Name
or similar.
Could you please pm to me the license file?


Fantomf4 :wink:

download cosmos design star

about license:
license file is configered for each computer.
you may register on site
(click listbox "Download"),
and you'll get your 14-day trial full-functional license.
best regards.

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