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electric project needs new switches

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grinners mom

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Nov 9, 2009
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I am making a matching game for kids where I have a picture with objects on it and each object has a push button (momentary on, .5 amp) beside it, and there is a list of the objects to find and they each have the same style of button. I need a better switch to hold up against mulitple pushings and that is easier for the kids to push. I also have an LED light that if the match is correct it lights up, sometimes I have to wiggle the push buttons to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am not an electric wizard. The buttons I am currently using my husband soldered all the wiring for me. Thanks in advance.

Do you have a URL link to, or a picture of your current switches? How many switches are you looking for? What would you consider acceptable price?


below is (i hope) a link or pic to show what the switches look like. please bear with me as i am unfamiliar how these forum things work.


also can be found at Radio Shack: (see below) "Mini SPST 0.5 Amp Model 275-1547

I am interested in getting a good product and I expect to pay for it. Hope this helps. I would really like to get this project to work w/o having to replace switches very often.

Added after 24 minutes:

P.S: I need approx. 16 push buttons.

Ah! I'm familiar with those...not good reliability. Do the replacement switches need to be exact or very close to the dimension of these?


the picture already has 1/4" mounting holes, so would like to stay close to that. it is what we call bathroom board that the buttons mount in, maybe not even 1/8" thick.

i'm using japanese made switches for more than 4 yearz working perfect just like new i never faced any problem, my load is just 450ma , 220v
what is the make of ur switches ??

chinese poor quality cheap
Japanese good quality but expensive

find Japanese switches they r lil expensive but works fine

Thanks Ken. These look very promising. Alot more durable than others I have looked at. I appreciate your time and help with this.

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