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do you need an electronic engineering degree to start startup company in electronic?

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May 19, 2011
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hi, i'm new around here, i was wondering if you need an electronic engineering degree to get a license to start a startup company in electronics? considering that i have the required knowledge but no degree (hoppiest)? is there some kinda required license for practicing engineering as a startup company?? please explain, thanks

No. Bill Gates (Microsoft) doesn't have a degree either. Good luck.


That would be very weird. Probably if you are developing something with some minimum qualification you are going to need some one qualified responsible for that... but i am sure that it is not necessary to be the owner or any shareholder.

okay,i thought so, thanks guys alot

Apart from the question of a suitable qualification to start a particular business, freedom of trade rules in this regard in most countries.

Starting a hardware company costs money and you most likely need investors. if you have a good track record in the business, there is no issue, but if you don't, it might be hard to convince the investors without degree.

i'm not talking about some kinda major semiconductors company that intel would invest in or anything like that, that would cost millions. just a simple startup company as an independent lifestyle entrepreneur with some projects & circuit design ideas? do you really think i would need investors?
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do you really think i would need investors?
Not necessarily. You surely need a minimal investment, e.g. instruments and tools, an electronic parts stock. But it depends of course on the intended operation area and local conditions. You didn't tell yet you're country, by the way.

In my opinion, as long the products of one's business don't compete with the ones offered with well established companies or trading businesses (mainly in his area), no one would bother to ask about any degree. Fortunately I had a BS from a local university since many around me were thinking I am just a smart amateur perhaps because I never try to show up as being a scientist or intellectual person.

On the other hand, when I got my BS, I may say I was an ignorant engineer, practically speaking. I discovered later while I continued my studies to get the MS degree that what I was taught (in electronics) at the previous university were wrong or incomplete at best. The irony is that after I finished successfully, at a good university abroad, all the required courses and the thesis project (a very simple DSB-SC demodulator hence novel till now) I had to return home rather quickly and start seriously my private business... obviously without the MS degree. Since then, my customers were my judges to who I do care listening and I am always pleased to learn and share anything new and useful with a real scientist.


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