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Diodes for 3.3v and 5.0v projects

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Jun 12, 2010
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Regina, Canada
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i have been using 1N4007 for 5v. I'm going to develop some circuits for PIC MCU, where i will need some time 3.3v and for some others 5v I need an expert advise what number diodes should i use for each.


Probably those experts will ask you just what you want
from these diodes - reverse voltage, capacitance, series
resistance, switching speed / charge storage (distinct
from zero / reverse bias capacitance), Schottky vs PN
and so on.

Supply voltage nominal doesn't give much to go on.
I'm sorry for not asking a clear question. I'm hobbyist could not speak like an Engineer :)

I want to use diode in power only to safe circuit from wrong input, previously i was experiencing some unexpected result from MCU and it was end up at wrong diode being used in power supply.

That's why wanted to know, so i can avoid such things in future.

I think better to use a voltage regulator so that the output voltage to the micro controller will be constant even for variations of the input.

Why don't you read the datasheet for the 1N4007 diode that you have been using? Its maximum ratings are 1000V and 1A average. It is very slow. It is a rectifier diode.
Then read the datasheet for the 1N4148 diode. its maximum ratings are 75V and 200mA average. It is a fast silicon signal diode. It has a clear glass case so ambient light affects it.
Then read the datasheet for the 1N5817 diode. Its maximum ratings are 20V and 1A average. It is fairly fast and since it is a Schottky diode its forward voltage drop is fairly low.
Many thanks @Audioguru and others, I was expecting such a nice answer at this forum.

Not open for further replies.

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