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diffrences of intel 8051 n atmel

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soh m

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Jun 20, 2011
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what are the differences between intel 80C51BH and AT89C2051???

i knw d question is silly..... but is there any difference in pin configuration???

dont use sms or short hand typing skills in this forum... type the complete words by spending few more seconds. this is the last warning and further posts and thread of yours will be deleted without informing you if continued
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The Intel chip is available in 40-pin DIP or 44-pin PLCC package, the Atmel a 20-pin DIP or 20-pin SOIC package.

So they are not even close.

What is your goal? Are you trying to replace one of these devices in a design due to lack of availability, etc?

kindda.... am actually interested in makin traffic light controller using intel 80C51BH.... can u help me out???!!!

Looks like Andre has got you covered, with the traffic light project.

You'll want to make sure which ever MCU you decide on, is available in a DIP package.

Unless of course you've had plenty of experience soldering fine pitch packages.


If you have the choice, you should lookout for a Atmel 8051 processor with serial in-system programming (ISP) capability, e.g. a AT89S52, that considerably eases program development.

I´m agree with that opinion.
I used an Atmel familly core with Keil compiler, and never noticed some problem.


but i have to make it using intel 80C51BH only.what should i do???

but i have to make it using intel 80C51BH only.what should i do???
The purpose of your original question is unclear. What's your particular problem with 80C51BH?.

i am not understanding how to make traffic light controller using intel to interface the LEDs to it???

Through driver ( like a simple NPN BJT transistor ).


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