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Difficulty In Opening Attachments To Posts

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Mar 9, 2012
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I am having trouble viewing attachments; when I click on an attachment I get;

(Ignore the green colour; that's how I like it!).

If I right-click then "View Image" I get;

I can view the attachment very well in full size by right-clicking then "Open In New Window" so it's not the end of the world.

I am using Firefox, the up-to-date version.

I have looked in various places for an EDA setting that might help but I can't find anything.

- - - Updated - - -

Problem solved; it was AdBlock in Firefox that prevents opening attachments.

Thanks for notify. It's very strange, that AdBlock doesn't like edaboard attachment system ;)

That's certainly what it is; if I disable Adblock (I have Adblock 2.2.1) attachments open as they should.

But I can open attachments as usual on and other forums; it seems to be only EDA that gives a problem opening attachments.

I know nothing about computers so I can't help find a solution.

It's no real problem for me to use the Open In New Window method of side-stepping the problem.

Really strange, it's working fine for me with Adblock plus 2.2.1 and Firefox 17.0.1 and Linux Mint 14.


This is strange; when I click on the attachment to post #6 in this topic;

the attachment does not open; I get the screen shown in the first link in my original post above.

But, when I click on the attachment to your post #4 above, it opens normally.

I can't explain it; as I said, I know very little about computers.

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