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[moved] Question to Forum moderators - When to start new thread

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GH Crash

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Aug 5, 2022
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Forum moderator(s) Often the answers given to questions ask in one posting lead to more questions. Are there any guidelines as to when to end the thread generated by the first thread and start another thread?

As an example, a question about a problem, may lead to a question about circuit design which may lead to a question about a specific component.

Are there any guidelines as to when to end the thread generated by the first thread and start another thread?

There are no clear boundaries. I recommend using your thread's title as a reference.

If your new question somehow catches up with the title, stay with your thread.
If your new question is unrelated to your title, then start a new thread.

Please also read the forum rules.
They also say that you should choose the right forum section.

You posted this question in: Hardware and PCB Design > Hobby Circuits and Small Projects Problems
..but the question relates to the use of the forum...

So now moved to: The Classifieds > About

Note that each forum section includes a brief description of what type of posts go there.
(Like this example: Hobby Electronics Circuits, circuits samples, electronics in house and in cars, amplifiers, subwoofers, trasmitters, receivers, generators, meters.)


My apology. I the how to post and the does and don't answers but I couldn't find a place to post a question to the forum in general. Now I know I will use the the About EDAboard for future forum use questions.

Please note that these rules are not intended to restrict members activities, but rather to organize the forum and assume that it can help others with similar issues, duly titled. So, if you consider your own convenience, it might be anoying to spend some effort to split queries into individual threads, but if you consider the whole community that can benefit from this structure focused on specific problems, it substantiates such a policy. At the end, it's just a matter of reasonability balancing when to split or not the thread.

My impression is that we experience too much of "splitting queries into individual threads" in some cases. E.g. a member is incrementally asking different detail questions related to a project, 2/3 of each thread is giving the same general information, overall schematic, datasheet links etc. Sometimes even the original posters gets confused where he posted which detail or has difficulties to find the right thread. Therefore I appreciate this forum rule
Duplicates or cross posting are not allowed, avoid creating multiple threads with similar questions, ask all related questions in one thread.

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