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Different stand-alone MP3 decoder reference designs

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May 28, 2001
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Does someone knows any reference design for a stand-alone mp3 decoder which can be used in an Aiwa cd system?
Has someone worked on Atmels 8xc51 based mp3 decoder chips?
Who can help with the mp3 algorithm?

mp3 reference design

Visit .It has a lot of information and some designs based on AVRs. There is no need to implement an mp3 decoder, because there are several dedicated mp3 decoder chips with a lot of extras (on-chip DAC etc).

mp3 reference

Also have a look at the following ST devices, STA013/14/15/16.
App notes etc available on website
**broken link removed**.
The STA015 is actually the cheapest device to go for.

mp3 player reference design

You'better go h**p://w*
Here is Micronas Homepage.
There are several Mpeg Audio Decoder/Encoder Chip.
I used MAS3587F one yers ago.

fat32 for h8

yampp - (GCC,FAT32,H8,AVR,VS1001,MAS3507D,DAC3550A,IDE,CD,USB)
Mp3 Hardware Player - (asm,FAT32,AVR,MAS3507D,STA013,CD,IDE)
Hardware MP3-player - (c,dsp-TMS320C31,CD-ROM)
Whitney - (c,dsp-TMS320C31,TCP/IP)
Mp3PuBliC - (asm,PIC16C65,MAS3507D,DAC3550A,CD-ROM)
MoP3 project - (c,HC11,MAS3507D,STA013,CD,IDE)
MP3 Hardware Player - (PIC16C65B,MAS3507D,DAC3550A,CD-ROM,IDE)
ELM - MP3 Player(jp) - (AT90S8515,MAS3507D,DAC3550A,FLASH card)
MPCD Project(jp) - (gcc,H8,MAS3507D,SCSI)
MP3 Player - (PIC16C64,MAS3507D,DAC3550A,IDE)
Z-Player MP3 project - (Z80,MAS3507D,DAC3550A)
MP3 Standalone Player - (H8,MAS3507D,CD-ROM)
SoundBastard mp3 player - (4051,MAS3507D,DAC3550A,IDE,CD-ROM)
MP3 player - (AT90S8515,MAS3507D,DAC3550A,CD-ROM)
MPEG Layer-3 Portable Hifi - ???
Mp3Car Italian Site(it)
SpectSoft - links
MP3 player - (HC11,CD-ROM)
EE 476 Final Project - (AT90S8535,STA013,CS4331,flash card)
Homebrew MP3 player - (8051,MAS3507D,CS4327,IDE)
MP3-Player - (AT90S8515,MAS3507D,CS 4331,IDE)
MPEG-1 Layer III Decoder - (DSP-TMS320C6x)
MPegasus - (80x8x,MAS3057D)
Hardware MP3 CD-Player - (8052,MAS3507D,IDE)
MP3 CDPlayer - (82C55A,MAS3507D,DAC3550A,IDE)
HMpeg Project - (AT90S8515,MAS 3507D,CS4330,IDE) PIC16F84
Lecteurs MP3(fr) - (FAT16/32,AT90S8515,MAS3507D,DAC3550A,CS4331,IDE)
Audio Affinity 2000 - (FAT16/32,PIC16F84,MAS3509F,YMPC-2001,IDE,USB,FM)
eloland - (H8,STA013,CS4221,IDE)

8052 IDE Project - (8052,IDE)
IDE controller principals - (8052,IDE)
IDE Harddisk interface for micro controllers - (AVR AT90S8515,IDE)

see :arrow: **broken link removed**

reference design mp3 player

follow this link:, it have a mp3player designed with 8051, interface HDD. Good luck.

schematic mp3 player with avr

New MP3 player project with AVR ATmega128, VS1001 MP3 decoder and FAT32 hard drive.

mp3 c reference

You should look at it has so good reference design that hardware and software are free. The projects that are represented based on micronas and vs1001k.

tmk :wink:

fat32 avr

hock said:
Does someone knows any reference design for a stand-alone mp3 decoder which can be used in an Aiwa cd system?
Has someone worked on Atmels 8xc51 based mp3 decoder chips?
Who can help with the mp3 algorithm?

see this website you will find schematic for s1 mp3 player

**broken link removed**


pic16f sta013

Hi there. This is a HDD MP3. Can any one please explain if the thick black lines of this schematic are all connected together in the circuit because I am finding it strange that the major parts are connected together via one wire? Can any one give me a hand please?

**broken link removed**

**broken link removed**

what is mp3 ref

This is a schematic bus, very common thing in larger schematics as it keeps the schematic clean and understandable.

The wires are not connected together, they are still connected to their respective nets.
For example AD5 is connected to pin49 of the ATMega and both U2 pin7 and R1 pin6


avr mp3 project using sta015

Hi. Thanks a lot for help. But unfortunately I didn’t get the meaning very well though. I have to ask you again, sorry. How do I have to connect the circuit as a whole thing from page to page then please? The black lines are still confusing me, that’s why. If I understood well I don’t have to connect them all together right? Please can you help me more? Thanks a lot though. Thanks.


sta013 mp3 decoder

Yes the black lines as you say are not connected together.
They are shown like this to simplify the schematic, you still treat the nets as separate connections.

Like i said before AD5 is only connected to AD5 on each end of the bus. And so it is not connected to AD4 for example.

Lookup schematic bus in your schematic package for more details.


esquematic sta013

Hi thanks a lot for the information. It was very clear. I now understood it. Thanks again for your help. The last thing please. Can I ask you about the source code? Can you tell if it will work please? And from what you have seen in the circuit page you think the project will work? Is it worth it to try? The final thing. Please can you tell me if I can program the Microcontroller from the board directly or I need to program it separately please? Thanks a lot for those how helped me. Your bit was very big to me. Thanks again every one.


vs1001 mp3 decoder in india

I would imagine it will work fine, cannot see any reason why someone would put a non working project on the net.
Looking at the schematic it has a ISP header so the micro can be programmed on board.


sta015 avr

Do you have an idea for the 6 buttons to interact with the MP3 and the power supply please? For the supply the document talked about MAX710, a steady 5v and 3.3v, shutdown feature, micropower regulator allowing the processor to turn off the MP3 player, hibernation, wait for user to perform an on-button click to revive the player.


dac3550a driver source code

I have not used this design, but looking at the source the buttons have not been implemented yet.
So its upto you to add the button interface, just pick a spare port such as PORTF would be a good choice.


usb mp3 player reference design

"Understanding Mp3: Syntax, Semantics,mathematics"
by Martin Ruckert
is a ver good book.if anyone knows where to download it please tell me.

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