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Differences between Orc*ad 9.0 and 9.23?

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Apr 16, 2002
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Hi there.

I'm currently using Orc@d 9.0. I was wondering whether anyone could tell me what features are now available in the latest version as I was wondering whether it is worth upgrading or not. I can't seem to find a comparison list anywhere.


What I have noticed:

With large designs it seems a bit faster. I am using P3 1000 with Windows 2000.

When mirroring parts the attribute labels move with the part.
In 9.2 they move to the default locations.

The netlister does not remember when changing the output file extension from .net to .asc using the padspcb1.dll

are there any PDF manuals for OrCAD 9.23 around anywhere? All I can see is the stupid online help!

- Jayson

Click Help and then Manuals. This launches PDF manuals.

I just noticed a very annoying "feature removal".
When I select an object or a group of objects with the mouse and then hit enter, it does not bring up the properties manager as it did in the earlier version including 9.2.
This is very annoying to a user who prefers to use keyboard shortcuts instead of having to move the mouse a couple of kilometers each day.

8O Not much change. I assume the rev change was primarily to integrate into the Allegro tools. Still has many bugs.

to join the point of view of Acid Trap, some feature was removed and some was added :

exemple of what i've noticed :

removed :

the repeat last action shortcut "F4" was removed

It was very usefull when drawing a busnet with incremental label !

added :
matrix pin génération for Footprint drawing. (quiet usefull when TGA or BGA rooting)

But what i would like to know is : was differences are there in Orcad 9.0, 9.2, 9.22 9.23 (unision suite) and PSD 14.0, PSD 14.1, PSD 14.2

What i think is that Orcad is a part of PSD

but which PSD include which Orcad version ???
(It's seems that Orcad 9.23 unison is part of PSD14.1 ) ?

And a last question, what does PSD bring so usefull compared to Orcad (what's allegro... ) ?...

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