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diff bwtn a voltage regulator n a switching regulator

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Sep 12, 2007
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wads the diff between a voltage regulator n a switchin regulator?
ani big diffs?
issit ok to substitute a switchin regulator for a voltage regulator

a voltage regulator doesnt involve the switching of any components except for the case of protection circuitry... the main idea is that switching regulators usually switch a inductor and hence using this negative voltages and output voltage greater than the input can be achieved....

hey A.Anand Srinivasan thanks.
so does it mean i cant substitute a switchin regulator for a voltage regulator?
cos i actually search ard n realise dere ain't much diff

it is not that big a issue while replacing one with the other but each has its own trade offs... switching regulator is noisy due to its switching activity and the noise has to be filtered out also some amount of droop will be present,,....
in terms of power dissipation switching regulator wastes lesser power...

Hey Anand,

When you say voltage regulator I think you meant linear regulators coz as I know switching regulator is a type of voltage regulator.
Assuming you are looking at the diff b/n linear and switching, then you can use one in the place of the other but each has their own advantages and disadvantages like linear has a clean voltage with less ripple but switching has good efficiency.


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