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Designs for wind and solar power plants

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Aug 2, 2011
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This design is associated with renewable energy. When every element of wind and solar power plants is ready, it is time to design the electronics.

First of all, you will need a voltage regulator for wind power.

It looks like that:

12V 4mA 24V 8mA of own consumption. Dimensions: 10x5x4cm.
Current 20A, momentary up to 30A.

The meter for wind/solar power plant was to measure Volts, Amperes, calculate power and provide the amount result of Ah put to the accumulator or kWh.

  • 12 or 24V
  • 20A
  • backlight
  • reset of the results
  • 30mA power consumption

This device allows you to know how much power is produced by the power plant within 24 hours or how many Ah were put to the accumulator (0,7 compensation) or how many kWh were taken from the accumulator (in that way you can examine the accumulator performance or capacity).

You can add/modify voltage regulator (disconnecting voltage or enabling an additional load)

For solar panels, this may be more complicated:
Let's assume that you buy a 200W panel with the following parameters: 20V 10A.
Then, connect the accumulator (for example, 70% loaded).
13,5V + 10A = 135W (as you can see, it is not the same as 200W which is lost because the panel gives a certain maximum current).

Next thing you have to do is to build a special regulator (MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracker). This system is based on microprocessor driver which adapts the voltage and output current to put the greatest possible power to the accumulator.

  • Uin = 19,6V
  • Iin = 2,30A
  • Pout = 45,08W

  • Uin = 12,8V
  • Iin = 3,3A
  • Pout = 42,2W

Performance about 94%


Link to original thread - Moje konstrukcje do elektrowni wiatrowych i słonecznych

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