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Delphi/Builder using Excel server components

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Jul 20, 2001
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I am trying to use the Excel server components that come with Delphi/Builder. Has anybody used these?
I can start up Excel and get the active sheet, how do I detect when some one enters data in Excel, what value they entered and in what cell.
Any help would be appreciated.

I don't know excel component, i use TStringGrid is this component correct.

If you have the pro or enterprise version of Delphi or Builder, there is a component tab called servers which has a lot of servers for automating Micro$oft office. I am trying to use the excel servers to talk to Excel.
There is no help on using these components, allthough if you have code completion on, you get a list of functions.
Was hoping someone had done it and could post some sample code to read and write the active cell?

Hi I have used the WORD components

Hi I have used the WORD components to create some automted documents.

If you know how to write macro's it's makes the job easy.

I can upload some demo for msword i think the method is the same


I am using bcb 4.0 ent. and i am using 3rd party component to access office programs.I am not sure but you can not detect if user enters values to form and sheets.(You should hook up keyboard, active program.. blah blah blah) If you tell us what you'll do, maybe i can advice you different way ;)

What I am trying to do is a user enters a job ref number in Excel, the worksheet server component does have an OnChange event, so I can detect that. Then my program looks up the job ref number in a database and fills in some cells with the Company name, position, pay rate etc.
This thing could most probably be all done in Excel using the Visual basic tool. I use Delphi and Builder a lot, so feel comfortable using them, not to hot in VB. And of course, time is a problem.

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