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debugging issue for lpc2148

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usha p

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Jun 27, 2011
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hi everyone,
im using the codered software and trying to program the blinky code on lpc2148 i have some issue it says failed on connect.Invalid ID code from DP-cannot connect.
Codered support has mentioned this issue but even after trying with the configuaration setting i.e xtal=12MHz and clock freq=60MHz facing the same problem.
If any suggestions please do help.

Thank you in advance.

can you check by installing keil 4 software from Keil Embedded Development Tools for ARM, Cortex-M, Cortex-R4, 8051, C166, and 251 processor families.

I think it is a bug in the software.

250 KHz is the default JTAG speed Red Suite uses for ARM7. In practice, allowable rates are dependent on the core clock. Adaptive clocking is available for those chips which support RTCK. Refer to your processor User's Manual for this information. Adaptive clocking may not be available if your application has reprogrammed the RTCK pin as GPIO, or the reset pin state is not RTCK. NXP ARM7 variants which support RTCK are:
•LPC22xx •LPC23xx •LPC24xx •LPC21xx If adaptive clocking is not available, the general rule for Maximum JTAG speed is one sixth (1/6) the core clock frequency. The frequencies used by the ISP firmware can vary across families, so refer to the documentation. As an example, a safe JTAG speed for the LPC2148 (no RTCK) when booted into the ISP is below 2000KHz. Red Suite offers a "Configuration Option" to preset the NXP ARM7 core clock frequency in the project Debug Configuration.
The name of this setting is "Crystal (XTAL) frequency and PLL value" and the input format for this information is XTAL,FREQ.
As an example, if your ARM7 board has a 12 MHz crystal, and the desired core clock frequency is 50 MHz you'd enter:
12000, 50000. An internal Red Suite algorithm will attempt to setup the core clock as close as possible to the value requested.
Note that if an attempt to connect at a particular JTAG speed fails, follow-on attempts at lower speeds may fail. Should this happen, cycle the power to the ARM7 and Red Probe in the sequence documented above.
Thanks for your suggestion sir,
But it works fine on kiel4 software with jtag connector but as im using the codered which comes with redprobe connector it shows the issue.
My xtal freq is 12Mhz and the oscillator freq is 60Mhz which i configuared as 12000,60000 as you told to set up.what is the exact pll value i need to set is my ?.

Debugger issue lpc2148

The range of Fosc is 10-25Mhz and the lpc2148 board uses 12Mhz osc.Therefore im setting the Xtal =12000.
But I get an error like this
Failed on chip setup:Ee(19).Unable to stop processor.
Please help out.

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Failed on chip setup.JPG

Here is the screen shot of the error.
The debugger used is redsuite4 from codered

this error is mainly dur to the following reasons..
•MCU being reset, for example by a watchdog timer.
•Faulty USB cable or bad USB port
•Intermittent power to the target (or bad ground).
•The MCU crystal or a PLL setting could be out of bounds affecting debug communications through the debug access port. If you are connecting to the target using a Red Probe (but NOT using an LPC-Link), then in the Project Debug Configuration, you can specify a reduced wire speed (i.e. "Maximum wire speed). The default is typically 3 MHz, or 3000 KHz. Setting this value to a lower number, such as 1000 KHz (1 MHz), can sometimes improve matters - though this depends on the actual cause of the status-poll error.
Also check if any patches / updates of software is released by the company......

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