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Data Traffic management in FPGA

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Jun 27, 2011
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I have 64 channels through which I expect (for the worst case) 24000 bits per second from each channel. The occurrence of data is random at any channel. I am sending the data through TCP/IP to a computer where it will be logged. Data loss is not accepted. What method should I follow? I am thinking of having stack mem. for each channel and consequently putting it over the TCP-IP but I fear that the total stack memory might be too large. Any suggestions?

This is what I understood from your description.please clarify.
You have 64 channels input to your design, from which you recieve data. This data should be send to a computer via TCP/IP. since you dont know when the data will come you want to store the data somewhere until its put in a tcp/ip packet and send over network??

What is your output data rate?
Are going to do the tcp/ip code yourself?

24000 = 0.024Mbps
64*0.024 = 1.536Mbps
for storage, 1.536E6 bps = 0.1831MB/s (1MB = 2^20, 1B = 8b)
16MB (SRAM) = 87.38s @ max rate.
256MB (DRAM)= 23min @ max rate
16GB (SDHC-Card, SPI)= 24.8 hours @ max rate
1TB (SATA) = ~2 months

you really shouldn't ever need to drop data. in the absolute worst case, you would have a little over 1 day to retransmit any missing data. basically, that allows the other side to lose the connection for about a day. With a HDD, the device can remain unconnected for up to two months and still not drop data.

for obvious reasons, this is something that would work well with a microcontroller or embedded micro. the low data rates and relatively complex logic requirements of TCP/IP make it a good choice.

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