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[SOLVED] D drive corrupted and data cannot be accessed.

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Apr 21, 2008
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My office laptop has gone bad... my computer shows C and D drive.. but D drive does not show any details of memory free or occupied, but C drive shows that information.. if i try to access D drive the system hangs for some time and an error pops up " cannot access D drive.. dur to IO failure"

But i can access C drive, internet through data card,... The laptop is DAM slow and needs 15 min to boot and come to desktop window..

Anyone who faced this problem or can give suggestion please help me...

I am using windows 7.

Its HP compaq420. dual core processor...

At any cost i have to retrive the data from it as there are many company related documents and files...
The HP company guy tells he would replace the hard disk and will not retrive the data... I cannot give it to repair tooo...

Any suggestion to recover my D drive about 50gb of data...

Any help is appreciated.........

So you have a single hard disk (not SSD) with two partitions C and D and your OS is in C and you kept your data in D?
are they both NTFS?

Any access to SMART data of your disk?
If not try to install HDtune to check the SMART data of your disk

Maybe try a liveCD linux (PartedMagic)

it has a SMART check utility too and many more applications

Your computer is severely infected by virus. If your drive is not opening by double click. Right click on it. Try to explore it. If still not able to open it. There will be folder list when you open my computer. There is folder list in left hand side. Here you find your computer drives also. Try to open from there. If you are still not able to open it. Download Download Nortan Internet Security 2011. Install and first perform a quick scan then full system scan. Restart system if required. After that you might be able to access drives. If still you are not able to acces. Download Fedore live CD and try it. to boot from CD. Now you can access all drive on your system including c drive. Take back up in external media. Your boot time high because you have lots of startup programs. Startup program are started when window boot up. Many of programs add them in start up list when they are being install. Only some of programs are needed at start up like touch up, voice manger etc. Download TuneUp Utilities 2011 -CNET Downloads. Remove unnecessary start up program. You will find this under Increase Performance >> prevent unwanted automatic program startups. Here you will see list of necessary and optional programs at startup. Doing so significantly improve boot time.

First go with Alex's suggestion. A live linux CD costs nothing and is a very effective way of recovering data that is still intact. Booting directly from the CD and not being Windows, it is not vulnerable to any viruses or corruption in the Windows disk interface. If you have a USB memory stick, use it to store the files you recover rather than copying them to the other hard disk, this will keep them safe in case a virus is the problem.
It sounds more like a hardware failure though.


Hi, this "chkdsk" when you turn on your system.
2.install "malware byte " and scan your d drive.
3.if not,,,,, to connect your hdd to another computer externally & see if you can recover your data
4.try on track recovery software.:razz::razz:

Hi all,

alex thanks a lot.. i am a noob in this field of computer or laptop hardware... i dont know connecting external drive or running linux in external drive and taking backup...

But i got a hint from your reply... its not virus problem.. i have symantec end protection and it is well updated... problem is D drive not being detected...
Luckily i was googling and came across a software "SYStools Hard disk data recovery".......... when i ran the demo version i could see the folder and files of my D drive.....

I was very happy but i could not retrive as it ws demo....
As a punishment to a noob and for my urgency... i paid 50$ and purchased it... and i could retrive all my data.. i stored in in external HDD and CD and pendrive..... NOT to loose again...:)

Now i am very happy at the cost of 50$... But thanks for all who gave timely suggestion....

maybe an expert would have saved 50$..... since it was under warantee and corporate laptop I could not play with it.... The HP company representative told it was HDD corrupted problem and would replace it tomorrow.......

But Now i am sure.. i can solve anyproblem even if i dont have knowledge with all your help.........

I'm glad you have solved the problem.
Regarding the liveCD I have suggested, there is no need to use an external drive, you can use a CD or USB flash and the operation system loads from there, after that the desktop is very similar to windows.
My suggestion is to make a bootable cd like that when you find time because it will also be very useful if anything happens to windows and the computer isn't able to boot into the OS, in that case you can easily run the bootcd and save all your data to an external storage like CD, USB flash or external disk with the included applications, you can even communicate using the browser to ask for a solution.
Also keep an eye from time to time in the smart data of your HDD, it can usually warn you before the disk goes bad.

The best advice I can give you is to make a backup of important data from time to time, better safe than sorry.


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