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Creative CD remote Control (IR)

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Jan 6, 2003
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I want to use creative CD-Rom remote control as a transmitter cos it have a lot of keys and small size. the question is how can i know the codes and freq it uses to make my reciever on. do any one knew the way to analyse it? or do you have the data sheet of this remote?


Remote Pic

this is the remote

I think if I used the following circuit it will be enough... for the freq only!
but i need more information about it to know plz.

this is the note which posted with the circuit diagram


Q1 is a NPN Photo transistor that responds to IR. Q2,3 and 4 are 2N2222 transistors. High-Z headphones should be connected to the output of the transformer state at PHONEJACK1. This project is to be use with the IR Transmitter listen on the schematics page. It can also be used to listen to IR remote controls (i.e. TV Remotes) and natural IR (the sun, etc.) . Adding a lense to Q1 will increase the range of this device, but alignment will be dificult at best..

creative protocol

I did the same for a NEC80(kenwood) remote.
The protocol is not the same I think, But if you'd take a look at Jesper Hansen 's site on the YAMPP MP3 player, You can download the source code and modify it. The YAMMP can decode the creative protocol.
Take a look at his site h**p://

This remote is working between 36-38 kHz and you can use any smart 3-pin IR IC receiver (SFH506,TSOP1736,TSOP1836,IS1U60,SFH505A,TSOP1838,TSOP1738...). Do you want to control something on PC (through RS232 port) or some standalone device?
If you want to control PC then you could use this circuit:


Of course, you can do that like standalone circuit with or without mcu. Use any of above 3-pin ICs and connect them like on schematic and pass to mcu input pin or to base of some transistor.

Example with mcu (12c508 or 12c509) link:

You can do this with any mcu (PIC,AVR,...)

Example with standard transistor link:

You will see project with Holtek decoder/encoder IC, but you don't need that part, take look only on that what you need.


use the A/D key decoder

usually , In the mp3 or cd player, the key decoder is to use the A/D .
you can search the key decoder in the main unit ,if it is A/D type , then you just creat a resister ladder in the remote unit. the circuit is very simple.

Creative IR

Hi there,
If you want to control PC or something through PC and you have both Creative CD-ROM and remote try this program or you can make your own IR reciver for any RC5 remote **broken link removed** to work with this program. It has many plugins for input and output.

I have used one with winLirc and girder to control my computer. WinLirc has a configuration file for it. And, codes for each key are in it. I attach that file to this post.

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