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[SOLVED] CPF and UPF in low power

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Thomas Robinson

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Jan 21, 2013
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Can any body help me to understand what is the difference between CPF and UPF format in low power synthesis.

Thanks in advance

CPF is from Cadence
UPF is from Synopsys / Mentor.

With both format, you should be able to do the same.
UPF also used by Magma tool suit.

Adding the above said,
These (i.e. UPF and CPF) power-formats are recognised through-out the industry with which
you can specify power-gating considerations for a design.

UPF and CPF corresponding to any lowpower design being developed in RTL stage and referred till end (i.e. PG-netlist).

Lowpower Cells which are specified in the UPF or CPF are inserted separately in the netlist.
Thus Power Compilers (Cadence RC who works on CPF ) and (Synopsys DC which works on UPF) than reads the power
intent and insert the lowpower cells in the netlist. Thus at GLS it can be checked power-domains are following the
power-up and power-down sequence correctly.

UPF as said is IEEE standard and 1.0, 2.0 are currently available.
CPF is mantained by Si2 group and versions 1.0, 1.0e, 1.1 and 2.0 are currently available.
Mentor, Synopsys, and Cadence tools all support the power format from IEEE. Of those three vendors, only Cadence supports CPF.

Yes. Due to this
If in my SoC few IPs are UPF based and other are CPF based than it is difficult to merge than at SoC level unless
one of the power-format is converted (manually i feel) to another and than go on with verification but here new power-
intent needs to be re-checked for completeness.

Also if i am using Cadence tools for frontend and Synopsys tools for backend than again CPF to UPF conversion is needed
which again raise concern of complete functional testing.

Thus it is now needed that compatibility between CPF 2.0 and UPF 2.1 should be undentified.

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