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Copper pour for Top layer and Solder Mask and Solder Paste?

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Sep 21, 2009
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solder paste mask

I am designing a board in which I need a large area connected to +V and another large area connected to -V, I need this to be using a large solder paste area so when I put my mechanical design on it, the +V and -V is connected to the chasis of the design, and I can solder the chasis to the solder paste. So I am using copper pour on top layer, and please let me know if this is the right thing 2 do, I use a GND copper pour on top layer, then I grow 2 copper pours on top each connected to the corresponding net (-V and +V), then the main question here, is that do I have to do a copper pour on solder mask and solder paste layers too or is that enough? how do i have a vast solder paste area on my board corresponding to each net? in other words, do we do Copper Pours on Solder Paste and Solder Mask layers too?

I skip the feasibility of your mechanical design, because you have to know about. If you want to have exposed copper, then you need respective filled polygons (pours) in the solder mask layer. If you want solder past printed on it, then they must be included in the solder paste layer as well. As simple as obvious, I think.

Large solder past areas without placing SMD components tend to give uneven solder distribution during reflow. Also the printing process may require to structurize large areas. If the chassis parts are hand soldered rather mounted during reflow, it's probably better to omit the respective areas in solder paste.

Re: Copper pour for Top layer and Solder Mask and Solder Pas

Dear FVM,

Thanks for your kind reply. From what I understand, I only need copper pour on SM and SP layers, but I still need them connected to +V and -V, do u mean I don't need any copper pour on top? How do I ensure copper pour on SM is connected to +V and -V when routing is unavailable for that layer? should make the routing available for SM and SP too?, as far as the feasibility is concerned, maybe I should take a picture of my model board and upload here 2 get ur opinion.


Re: Copper pour for Top layer and Solder Mask and Solder Pas

do u mean I don't need any copper pour on top
No. You didn't ask about this. You asked about additional pour in SM and SP layer. But this layers don't provide connectivity. So copper pour must be present anyway.

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