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Connecting three 1 Amps carrying wires to three other wires?

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We wish to connect three wires to three other wires with a push-to-mate connector. Is there any such thing, that doesn’t need a specialist expensive crimp tool to attach the crimps to the wire….(we don’t even need it to have crimps).

Ive just looked through all of farnell and there is nothing like this. Do you know of something?

it can be like a made-up cable assembly for a cable consisting of three wires.

I wouldn't completely give up on crimps, I bought this tool on Amazon that claims to be a general purpose crimper. I've only tried it with one series on Molex crimps and it did just fine.

The only other thing that comes to mind is screw terminating connectors. If you check Digikey there are plenty of in line cable to cable screw terminals like this one, just check its mating products category.

The quality of the connection is determined by the retention force and surface area not exposed to air as a result of connection, measurable by contact resistance after high temp aging and determined by plating quality and contact smoothness and force.

The measurable specs are budget for cost and milliohms.

Screw Terminal junctions would be suitable, or a custom bridge harness with MAT-N-LOK

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