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connecting samsung c100 serially

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Apr 26, 2011
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I wanna connect samsung c100 with db-9.i connected it and wrote the at command in hyperterminal but i didnt give any we can know about the exact baud rate of samsung c100.and how we can know at which port(com1 or com2) mobile is is there any problem with the settings of hyperterminal for the respective mobile model??
plz guide me as early as possible.plz :-(

test samsung c100 with 19200 baudrate.
com1 port if it is free. any port can be used.

send 'at'
you should get reply as 'ok'

wht ever i write on the hyperterminal it is invisible.
and my concern pc has two ports but i dont know at which(1 or 2) i hav connected.

Although the PC/motherboard user manual should clarify the com port assignment, you can connect a loopback (or a known working rs232 device) to indentify an active port.

since you have only two ports ,
first test with hyperterminal in one port.
if you dont get any response,
change the port number to the second one in hyperterminal.
and test it.
do not change the connector .
change only the port number in terminal.

sir i also changed the port num but still it is not giving me "OK" m tring tere term in windows7 which is more friendly than hyperterminal but still it is not giving "OK".

this is the last warning to you and all your further posts and threads will be deleted with immediate effect if you continue to use sms kind of typing words....

dont be lazy to type words properly... and this forum has no place for lazy people..
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then you have to check two things:

one is the cable used for serial connection to samsung
and other is (as given by FvM) to test the serial port by loopback.

i can check my cable by connecting my c100 directly with the pc with some software like easygprs for sending ringtones etc.if it is working then it will b good.i searched alot on the net but could not find this software. it is either corrupted or non-free.:-(
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