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Communication Network

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Oct 24, 2005
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hello there.
How it is to design communication network.What book can you recommend.What are the current technology of communications and how to compute for its cost of implementation.

Too much questions. Is an ample issue. If you specify a bit more maybe I could help you.

our project is to research on the current status of communication in our school and to design another that would effective and useful for the next five years.I think it would be more about the communication network design.

Well.... Netoworks are pretty much in the Ethernet world right now, very much in the 100Mbps and migrating more and more to the GigaBit technology, in fiber or cooper.

I think this speed will keep increasing for wired networks.

There is also the wireless networks, reaching speeds up to 54 Mbos for the WiFi technology, and the WiMax is coming closer to realese, but i really think the wireless netowrks wont pick up cause the bandwith is just to much great to get the speeds a wired network can offer.

What i think is the future of networks is the fiber optics field, more and more the networks are migrating for fiber optic, not only for backhaul and stacking but for reaching servers and in the future with the coming of fiber to home and ethernet firber adapters i think it would be the leading technology. I would put my money on fiber.

Hope it helped.

I agree with DarkJedi. The speed for wired networks will keep increasing for next years. But for five or ten years you can use Gigabit Ethernet wit cat 6 or 7 cables and optic fiber GBEth in the core of the net (core switches and routers, servers, ...).

Nowdays is necesary wi-fi because is increasing speed and has a lot of advantages.

I'll be delighted to help you if you have more question. It is a very interesting topic for me.


(Sorry for my english!)

is there any more about this book?

In this link you have a lot of information **broken link removed**

Too broad question. The communication system design differs from wire-line to wireless, and in the context of wireless, differs from licensed spectrum to nonlicensed.

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