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Combine several PCBs in one board ?

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May 18, 2001
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automatically pcb drow


I have several PCB prototype boards in gerber format. I am looking to get CAM/CAD software to help me combine several PCBs (in gerber) in one board (Panel) to minimize manufacturing cost. Could any one help ?


gerbtool merging design

Ok, well if you can read them all in with GC-Prevue (, you can have each board on a seperate set of layers and then just align them to how you would like them to be.
The hard bit is that your manufacturer would then need to be able to read .GWK files (graphicode format).
Otherwise you would need to be getting a demo version of GC-CAM or even CAM350 etc and doing this and exporting rs274-X Gerber files.

Or on the other hand you could always just send them all to your manufacturer and tell them to do this, its so easy that they will usualy be able to do it no problem. most proberally better than yourself if you are not used to doing it. Ask them.


What software do you usually use to create gerber files.
Most applications can merge layers.
Just import the first gerber design.
Then import second design to other layers.
Then merge the appropriate layers to one layer.
Import the third gerber design ...and so on...and so forth...

you know what i mean.
Works great with GerbTool from Wise.

greetz, venz.

Cam350 will do what you need, but I just design all the circuits on one large PCB all at the same time and then do just one set of gerber files.
Put all the board outlines onto the board outline layer and tell the board fab house to rout them out for you.

Phil 8O

I agree with the above. All fab houses I know will do it if you ask them to do.


Use Gertool to import your gerbers and merge PCBs

Good luck.

I usually do this in the CAD program itself before generating the gerbers. But since you already have the gerbers, you must do it differently. You could use G*C*P*r*e*v*u*e if you have the full version. The free version will not allow you to edit the layers. I usually use G*e*r*b*t*o*o*l since I have access to a full version of this.
I do this all the time to save money since a panel may contain 12 PCBs and I can get several prototypes on one panel. If you have a nice PCB house they can do it for you since they all have gerber editors. But you might have to pay extra for this service.

About gerbers


I use GC-CAM software with scripts which i wrote . I can automatically merge different boords in extended gerber format to have one job.
If you wnat to see example, you can send me a few files , so I can show you the results.


i think to combine gerber is not difficult problem but you will rebuild a drill drawing and nc drill file from is trouble.
and gerbtool and cam350 are best to do.

Dear All;
I need to Reverse 12 layer PCB then modify it , I have it's gerber files . but i need to make it quickly . IS there is tool able to merge between two PCB file to able me and my friend to work in parallel " eatch one drow 6 layers" then merge the tow files or work in the same file through network.


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