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Code for sending SMS using ToothPIC

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Dec 21, 2005
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sending SMS coding

I want to use ToothPIC to trigger a smartphone to send sms automatically.

When ToothPIC send a signal to smartphone, the User Interface program that installed in the smartphone can detect as well as show me the voltage level of the signal(which is 5V). So this part is done.

What are the few coding lines(or a function) that i can add into the UI source code, so that the signal can trigger the smartphone auto send a sms?

I had attached the source code of the User Interface program that installed in the smartphone (
U guys may download have a look.

The source code file is ToothPICtest.c

I need a complete full coding for the function.

Thanks if anyone can help solving. Urgent.

Re: sending SMS coding

the idea the first post is to programme at he user interface level.

but after i search throughout the forum, i found out there is another way which is to programme at the PIC using AT commands. Am i right?

But i'm using ToothPIC microcontroller which able to interface with smartphone via Bluetooth.

So my question is, can i send those AT commands to smartphone via Bluetooth without using any rs232, serial connection or whatever external cable right?

Also, i want the ToothPIC to automaically trigger the smartphone to forward a sms whenever an input signal come to the ToothPIC (connect to either AN0-AN11).

i know i need to write program in C language which use AT command to send sms.

I'm new to AT command and PIC programming. Hope someone can guide me to write the source code for it.

any pro can guide me pls?

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