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circuits and pcb for videoCapture via RS232 or Paralele port

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Sep 28, 2001
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al440 fifo

Hi to All..

I need circuits and pcb for videoCapture via RS232 or Paralele port

any help for it.


Hello :

About Video Capture solution,
Basicly,you need a Video decoder to covert Analog Video to Digital Video YCbCr,you can visited Philips web-site SAA7115,SAA7118,SAA7114.....
Then You need a FIFO to store the image (for example Averlogic AL440....) Then you can use a micro control to read from fifo then transfer to RS-232 !


Hi jones

TK for your help


Hi ,
u cannot capture video via rs232 , maybe some frames
max speed of 232 is 115k

I know it is not eaxctly what you want, but a serial port or a parallel port is not fast enough. Even with a PCI card, capture is not obious unless you reduce the resolution or frame rate or you have a very fast PC.

If you have an ATI video there are an 8-bit parallel video port on the card that allow you to connect a BT848 or Phillips chip and control them through I2C... There is an SDK on ATI's web site for this.

Godd luck!

For security sistem your need no more of one frame/seg,
in multcameras sistem because the frames are multiplexad.
use 4051 to multiplex eight cameras.

I have develop circuit for it, if your need more info or have other
circuits with sync iformation, please pm me.


Hi guga,

Guys are right, you can not use rs232 or printer port for this job.They are too slow for this ;) Try to use usb port.You can find usb chips at For video capturing you can use booktree chips and also you should use fast mcu's like atmel's or pic's new mcus'.


in my opinion, the interface to host will depend on what application you are targeting. if you only want real time image capturing to your PC, you definitely need a fast comm. link. Basically, the speed of the data link must be greater than frame resolution*frame size*frame rate, of course, plus some overhead.

Did anyone use Averlogic AL440?

Did anyone use Averlogic AL440?
What kind of experience?

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