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[SOLVED] Circuit required to generate 3 phase 35kHz, 120 degrees apart, 50% duty cycle:

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Anna Conda

Oct 13, 2011
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Hello All, I am seeking a simple CMOS series 4000 circuit design that will take in a clock, 105kHz, and produce 3 outputs 120o apart, 35kHz each, 50% square wave, (or a 200nS pulse every edge of the 35kHz out, i.e. 70kHz pulse train).

The CD4018 can provide a divide by 3 that will give the 35kHz (50%), is there a way of using the other output pins to get the other two signals 120o apart of the main output.

I am happy to provide remuneration via paypal for an elegant circuit solution, with proof of operation.

Regards, Anna.

The 3-phase, 50% d.c. signal can be straightforwardly generated from a 210 kHz (x6) input clock. 105 kHz involves a weird mixed synchonous/asynchronous design.

CD4018 outputs are switching on one clock edge, I don't see how it would provide /3 with 50% d.c.

Hello there, although the 4018 does provide a /3, it is not clear whether you would get the other two o/p's out of it with 120 degree separation.

Possibly 210kHz and /6 would give you the 3 o/p's you require with less bits in the circuit.
Hi All, now have a circuit based on a 4018 that gives me the 3 o/p's 120 degrees apart, 35kHz each. I am using the edges to give 3 x 70kHz pulse streams, each 120 degrees apart, each pulse 200nS, to provide the basic timing for a 3 phase (35kHz) power circuit, for a 6kW/12kW rectifier, running off rectified 415Vac (3 phase).
Thank you so much for the timely replies :eek:)
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