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Circuit and design for current mode control of a Boost Convt

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Nov 29, 2005
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peak current mode boost

hiye, i need some circuit or design consideration for current mode control... can anybody help me out ? thank you

mc34063a calcular

While the BOOK that Chethan posted is an awexome resource (thanks!), I think it might be a little bit overwhelming for a beginner. I would look at the MC34063A data sheet and app note that I posted in your other thread to get a good idea of the BLOCK architecture of a peak current, output voltage regulated boost converter. A typical boost converter IC will not regulate output current though, just the peak current through the switch. There usually lies a straight path from the power source, through the inductor (a wire) and the blocking diode to the output. A short on the output would be very bad for all of those components. A secondary current cut-off circuit can be added to the output of the boost stage to limit the output current in the event of a short circuit.


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control current in a circuit

thanks a lot, i also wan to get it.

step up boost calculator

thanks a lot, i'm looking for it

loop current mode boost


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mc34063a boost current


mc34063a calculator

I've found this nice topic and I like also to take a look on it, anyway if may be of interest I've do some tutorial on switching power supply and proof of some papers on Single Stage PFC with Spice simulation inside.


boost current mode control

first, boost converter has a RHPZ, which make gain increase and phase lag.
second, peak current mode has two loop, one is voltage loop, the other is current loop. And current loop compensate voltage loop, so current mode has no double pole.

mc34063a tutorial

Hello, this is my first post here and I'm all together new with electronics, so I apologize in advance for my cluelessness.

I'm trying to design a PCB that will basically be an Arduino clone with on board H-bridges to drive some small DC motors, and Bluetooth to communicate with my Nokia N800 tablet. The PCB will control a small wheeled vehicle with a wireless video camera mounted on it.

I want to use a single LiPO battery as a power supply. Assuming I use a 3.7v cell, I'll need to regulate that to get what I need for my various components. I am thinking I would like to use an MC34063A boost IC to step up to 9v.

I don't really understand how to wire the MC34063A. **broken link removed** provides a pretty good calculator that takes the desired specifications (VCC in, VCC out, I out, Vripple, and Fmin) and output a schematic of the MC34063A with the other necessary components.

My camera needs 55mA at 9V, but I don't know anything about Vripple and Fmin. Can anyone enlighten me what these are and how I determine what their value should be in my circuit?

Thanks for the consideration,

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