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chip resistor simulation

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Apr 29, 2015
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Hi, all
I want to simulate chip resistor in FEKO, or HFSS between two parts in a wilkinson power divider, then I found loads between ports in Feko but the problem is that part (which I want to apply chip resistor to it) is not port and I can't add port in middle of model.
How do I do that?

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can you send a picture of the model ,or the model file? there is many kind of port options in FEKO. I think you should choose the right one.

You can use CST to use Lumped circuit elements. it is very easy. HFSS don't have lumped circuit option. About Feko i am not sure.

Instead of modelling an ideal resistor, you can draw a resistive sheet (metal) with desired surface impedance (xx Ohm/square). That will be a good representation of the distributed resistor, better that lumped component (ideal R).

this a picture of coupler: 12.png
Input and output ports are selected microstrip port. I want to add chip resistor between the specified sections by arrow, but I can't use transmission lines and loads in FEKO. the file is attached.


  • wilkinson1.rar
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As written before: simulating with an ideal resistor will give unrealistic results because the resistor length is large (~lambda/4). You need to simulate the design with a "real" resistor length, by modelling it as thin film resistor (thin metal with Ohm/square metal loss defintion). You will then see why your coupler design doesn't work.
You can choose edge port option to add a port between two or more faces. And then add load option. I have attached the the file with edge ports and loads with 50 ohm.


  • wilkinson1.7z
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Bu t if you add a transmisson line between this faces, seperate them and add transmisson line with specific definition, ı dont know if this solve your problem but there is an option like this also.


  • tr_lines.7z
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