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CHEAP MOSFET driver for BLDC MOTOR that can be brought in India

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Chinmay Gharat

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Jul 6, 2015
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i want list of MOSFET gate driver ic that can driver irf540N and are available in India, i will be using 9v power supply.

An IRF540 Mosfet is fairly old and needs a gate-source voltage of 10V or more to fully turn on. Then it will not work well with your 9V supply that might be a battery that drops to 6V.
I cannot give a list of Mosfet driver ICs because most or all will not be available in your country. Can't you order modern products online like everyone else?
yes, look for Logic Level Gate drive of similar RdsOn and choose a driver with <50x the same RdsOn output with a controllable dead-time to prevent shoot thru on change in direction of acceleration.

and buy spares.
with 1000Kv BLDC motor,and propeller as a load.

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okay then recommend me something for a 1000kv BLDC motor driving a propeller, BLDC is out runner.

My radio controlled model airplanes use a brushless outrunner 3000kv motor. That is 3000RPM per volt with no load. The electronic speed controller is built onto the 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio receiver circuit board that automatically selects vacant channels.
They are powered from a two-cells Lithium rechargeable battery that is 8.4V fully charged, averaging 7.4V and is 6.4V when the motor pulses when the airplane should land and have the dead battery disconnected.
If the motor is overloaded (maybe the propeller is stuck in the grass) then the motor squeals and shuts down.
i do not need 3000kv for experimentation, as they are costly and out of budget for me :D any way i nearly for what i want but can you please provide me some links on working of high and low side Mosfet driver that will be enough for me.

I don't design and make electronic speed controllers for brushless model airplane motors, instead I buy them because they are tiny, light weight, do not cost much and are available.
In 3 weeks I am buying an F-16 model jet that comes with a 13,500kv ducted fan brushless motor and its receiver has the electronic speed controller.


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