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[SOLVED] Chart/ table to visualize how hot a device is actually getting

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Oct 7, 2017
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Maybe my question will be a little funny. But it will be very helpful if you can give a little information about one thing. In electronics, we calculate power at various points/calculations to predict/understand how much a device will actually heat/ or how hot it is. , My question is. is there any chart or table? So that I can visualize how hot a device is actually getting.

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Not sure what you’re looking for. There’s no single table that’s going to tell you how hot any device is going to get. That’s why they tell you the thermal resistance of the device.


since the heating depends on package, PCB layout, air flow and a lot of other is impossible to do a "table".
The table can´t know the conditions of your circuit and PCB.

As barry mentioned, the thermal resistance of each device should be given in it´s datasheet.


Some characteristic curves can be found in the datasheets. Those curves show the relationship between temperature and the IC's electrical properties.
To observe the relationship between voltage and temperature, You can add a temperature sensor to your project. The sensor will observe the rise/fall of temperature in the IC. Thus you will get to know the change of temperature with the change of input voltage. With a set of data, you will be able to draw a curve or make a chart by yourself. Sensors like LM35 or DS18B20 will do the task.


Freeware :

Some tools you can consider above.

Regards, Dana.


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Freeware :

Some tools you can consider above.

Regards, Dana.
Thank you. Didn't know about thermal simulation software before.
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