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Challenge Predict circuit function (Only for beginners)

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Mar 16, 2011
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Challenge for beginners......
Predict the circuit function of the below circuit and post your reply here. If you can't, just download the PDF. Don't go for the PDF first, just relax and try to understand the circuit, if you don't know the ICs search it in google and try to reply back. If you don't get it , its ok download the pdf.
test yourself.

(Note its not for the folks who can read this circuit as a peace of cake, i know there are lots of people can solve this in a fraction of second, this is not for you guys) :grin:



View attachment FCKT0001.pdf

if this circuit is a peace of cake for you, then just say peace of cake....:wink:
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Yeah it's a star for christmas because it say's so, It make a flashing start with LEDS :)
Yeah it's a star for christmas because it say's so, It make a flashing start with LEDS :)

i forgot to mask the name, ahhh
predict the function of the circuit...

i don't think you are a beginner.....

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i will post circuits for experts and intermediate later.......

one person messaged me that it is a complex circuit. it is not at all a complex, you thing it is complex (you guys thing that you can't solve this ckt, that is why this circuit looks complex to you, just ignore the thought of yours.:wink:)

do one thing search IC 555 ( its usage) and ic 4017 in google you will get the point.

no one ?????
come on......
ok it is time for intermediate, guess the circuit.....

I tell you this is what I thought when I first read this, Your a new member posting a circuit and you want us to explain to you what the circuit does and how it works, saying it's a challenge but really it's a school project I'm working on and I need to explain how the circuit works and what it does, I can see it's from the elektor circuit mag which I have never read so I could not tell you if it explains how the circuit works like they do in some mags.
To be honest I may not be the only memember thinkng like this hence no interest or lack of input. Now I'm not saying you don't know how the circuit works these are just my thoughts and comments.
We've seen it all in the past new memembers come expecting everyone else to complete there project and do all the work for them, which is not the correct way of doing it becuase people never learn that way. Other members and myself don't mind helping people or giving advise if people have done there home work showed that they done there own work and there now stuck then people may get more of a response.

Again this may not be the case with yourself and may be a genuine challenge but other than you've just posted a circuit and not even started to explain to give beginners ahead start, may be if you did then you may get more response, Not by any means am I trying to knock you down or cause upset but this is the way I view it.

@mhngrd1: Just to daddle away before a beginner feels the challenge. Do you understand what D1 is good for? I don't get it.

FvM are you being ironic? Stars (of David?) have 6 points, counter has 8 outputs. Could this be a clue?

I don't think he's being facetious. We get that you don't want to use all 8 outputs for a six-segment output. I think what he's eluding to (and I as well), is... we don't really see a need for a blocking diode at that location. Just having a couple current-limiting resistors going to the two input pins should be sufficient. What are we missing, chuckey?

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