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Can't see my library in Cadence NC !!

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Jan 6, 2003
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inca files in cadence library

Hi guys ..

In my company, we had to move our home directories to our local machines after being on the server. Before doing so, my NCLaunch used to show me a complete list of my compiled files inside my work library. But after moving everything to local, and modifying my (cds.lib and hdl.var) to change pathes to my local machine pathes, I now can see only the library but without anything inside !!!!! ..

I don't want to recompile everything again .. cuz I have some files distrbuted in couple of directories ..

so, what can be the problem ? .. I just took the same old 'cds.lib' and 'hdl.var' and changed the pathes inside them to suite the new location of library and the new installation location of the tool !!! ..

cadence nc

2 things you may want to try:

1. Use ncls command on WORK lib and see if it finds anything (I doubt, as nclaunch perhaps uses it internally as well)
2. Do a simple UNIX ls on your Physical dir to see if the inca*.pack files are still present after your move/copy. If not, that is very likely the source of issue.

Note: My NC usage is few years old, so may be the inca* file name changed.


ncls cadence

I executed ncls like this :
ncls -vhdl -view rtl
I got (No matching object found for 'rtl'.)

and also
ncls -vhdl -view tb
Igot (No matching object found for 'tb'.)

these were my two types of architecture that I used to use in my VHDL source files .. and when compiled, it previousely used to appear under the worklib view in nclaunch ..

I also point to the worklib directory under INCA_libs directory in the cds.lib file .. this worklib directory effectively includes the inca.*.pak file .. but still I can't see anything in my worklib view in nclaunch ..

Once thing I might have forgotten to mention .. maybe it's useful to know that I created my old worklib and compilations using an older version of NC .. and now I'm having a newer version on my local machine .. could that be a reason ? .. if yes , is there anyway/command to convert my library from the old version format to the new version format ?
old version is NC 05.10-s014
new version is NC 05.50-p004

Added after 2 hours 3 minutes:

I got an update from cadence support guys :
Hi ,

Unfortunatly, you can't use libraries compiled with LDV5.1 with IUS5.5 version

Because data structure of compiled libs are not the same

some few info:
LDV5.1 is quite old and end of support so, I recommend you use the IUS5.5

IUS5.5p004 is the first release of IUS5.5 so, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest
available release, (ISU5.5s009 for example)

In your case, you can either install the LDV5.1s14 on your local machine or recompile once your design with IUS5.5

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