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CAN - USB interface hardware and software help needed

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Feb 8, 2009
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canusb interface

Hello everyone,
Im doing a project in which i have to develop a module which:
1.>gets CAN message frames as inputs.
2.>is interfaced to PC on a USB port.
An application program on the PC gets this data from USB port and executes accordingly.This program should be something similar to hyperterminal in case of serial communication.
Please tell me how do i go about with the hardware and the firmware?
Please help me with the USB interface.

Thanks and regards


can usb project

you can use two microcontrollers for such project in order to reduce the overhead on the CPU caused by two "heavy" stacks like USB and CAN.
use PIC18F4550 for USB interface, also you can use microchip USB framework 2.4 from microchip website, after installing it you will find project for the PIC18F4550 under the name USB CDC, this will make your PIC18F4550 work as virtual COM port while you are using a real USB port.
you can make the communication between the CAN controller and the PIC18F4550 responsible of the USB either parallel data lines, SPI or I2C.

good luck :)

elektronik can usb

Can help you with the hardware but the software is definitely not for newbies.
It is not the smartest way to use 2 MCUs if there are several micros out there that can do the job easily on one device. There would be the LPC2300 series, the LPC2400 series, the STR9 series, the STM32 connectivity line, the SAM7x just to name a few. The all have USB and CAN. As for the software stacks, they cost real money and that is for a good reason.
a couple links that might be helpful
**broken link removed**

Re: CAN - USB interface

hey can you guys please suggest me a controller from NEC.The thing is that i have to use the controller and other supporting hardware all from NEC only.

Thanks and regards

CAN - USB interface

It took less than 30 seconds to find that the V850ES family has something you are probably interested. Just in case you are not familiar with search engines, is a great start, then use microcontroller, USB, CAN and NEC a search items and SURPRISE!

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