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Can i replace this component? What its effect?

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Feb 13, 2013
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CVCO55BE-1650-2050 with CVCO55BE-1650-2150? Here its datasheet for reference... xD


  • CVCO55BE-1650-2050.pdf
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  • CVCO55BE-1650-2150.pdf
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The second one has a higher frequency cut off. I am sure that you can read the data sheets as well as me. Read them and bring to our attention any change of spec you are not sure about.
Thx, chuckey. Actually, thats the problem! I dont know how to read the datasheet. LOL. My project currently are using the 1st one so, i was wondering if i wan to change it to the 2nd one do i need to change a lot of thing like voltage used or resistance value or the VCO does not effect other things except the frequency it create.

More importantly the supply voltage is different and non overlapping.. They are not compatible.
How bout tis item?


  • CVCO55BE-1550-2050.pdf
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Can anyone tell me how to read a datasheet? Which are the main spec in it that should be consider when replacing it with other components?

A data sheet essentially gives a list of parameters for a device, and the allowable limits for each.

You have given no details of your circuit or how you are going to use the device, so only you know whether each of the parameters apply.

I suggest you go through the data sheet, one parameter at a time, and ask yourself if your application uses the device within the limits given - or even if that parameter is important anyway.

Oh, sorry about that! Here are the picture of the circuit...


  • Picture1.jpg
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Is there any alternative components beside the one showed in the picture?

Is there really no components that i can used to replace the CVCO55BE-1650-2050 with?

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Re: Is there any alternative components beside the one showed in the picture?

You missed to append the post to your previous thread

Essentially, any VCO from an other vendor with similar specification can replace it. There are even pin-compatble parts, e.g. minicircuits ROS-ED10837/1
Building a basic VCO yourself is the alternative.

Generally speaking, I see serious difficulties to manage your project without substantial knowledge of electronics and particularly RF engineering.

can you just suggest to me which other VCO can i replace it with? The problem is i really am new to this kind of thing. Can you at least teach me how to read a datasheet?

I agree with FvM(seems to usually be the case with the guy :)), you should try to understand at the basics what is important to your design and what the tradeoffs are, only the designer can weed through the differences between parts and make the right decision, for example is your supply voltage variable? do you have a negative supply? what frequency band does your project require, how much jitter can you tolerate, does it require same footprint, etc. With your lack of understanding in datasheets of the vco I would say making your own vco is not an alternative for you.

advise: sit down and look up vco(wiki, tech docs, book), understand what the various specs are and what the affects of changing them would be. you might not understand all, but getting some understanding will greatly help you.

If I remember right, the author already revealed in a previous thread that his project is a cell phone jammer, an artificial interference source, as can be also seen from the schematic So the VCO with worst jitter specification is probably "too good".

Personally, I'm not interested in contributing to such stuff.

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