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Can I ask a stupid question about Microwave engineering?

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Nov 8, 2005
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question collection of microwave engineering

Hey guys I was wondering I was thinking here I kind of like electromagnetic waves from emag II okay. Now here is my questions is microwave engineering hard subject to understand? Like stuff liek microwave ocsillators and filters? is it very similar to emag waves I mean iit is the same thing right? Thanks

microwave engineering is hard

Except for antenna engineers, you never use emag theory in microwave design! You use circuit theory or S-parameter design, and system calculations a lot. If you like playing with things like op-amps, transistors, etc, you would enjoy microwave engineering. If only like emag, stick to physics or antenna designs.

Hi locchamp

In life you should know. There is no stupid question there's only stupid answer.


you still need the basics of electromagnetics and physics. In addition to circuit theory you have to know the transmission line theory. Microwave engineering is indeed an interesting subject especially when it comes to the design.

In microwave engineering lessons you don't use electromagnetic theory, you must know circuit information and basic electronic principles. Don' afraid :)

I am having microwave engineering circuits now and you don't need a perfect information about electromagnetic. You need circuit theory information and also electronic backgroud. Also you didn' t ask a stupid question. don't afraid of microwave engineering

A good understanding of EM is helpful, there are alot of different principles that you can aplly your knowledge of EM to. Some areas use it less than others. If you know alot about EM subject matter then you can understand topics easier and be more creative. Some fields are more strickly circuit based but even those areas
can use EM topics for various implementations. Basicly once you understand how
it applys you can just use rules of thumb to arive at your goals.

Bottom line once you get up to several gigs, its all EM wether you know it or not.
It is basiccly the application on wether you are calling on that knowledge or not.

thanks alot guys, well the problem is this I am ok with emag stuff, but circuits I am way off with I only did circuit design with algebra based like low level circuits never messed with capacitors and inductors, so what it would be really lost in microwave engineering and like oscillator design? thanks

if you haven't learnt enough stuff on circuit theory, don't worry it is very easy. circuit theory and design is even much simpler to understand than EM. just get some circuit designer's companion books and within a very short while you will see how simple it is. and with that ME topics such as oscillator design will not give you trouble at all.

Perhaps it is a little bit more difficult to design realizable microwave amplifiers and oscillators than the prvious post states.

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