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Can ADS or MWO simulate Rectangle Antenna w/ resonate cap

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night cat

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Feb 16, 2002
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Is it possible to use ADS or MWO to simulate the frequency response of the rectangle loop antenna w/ the resonate capacitor ? how ?

I've tried above two tools by inputing several segments of suspend strip line to do the simulation but finally find they only treat them as "one" long strip line and the result is very different from the calculation in theory.
Also, the results of above two tools are very different.

Or which tools can simulate ?

The schmatic is attached below:

It's possible to simulate the circuit in schmatic mode in ADS.
Simulate the semi-loop as multi-port device.

But simulation in mementum mode, no idea.

I think the current Momentum can't handle that. Can you use momentum's result in the schematic mode?

I think those software can't help u to slove the antenna design problem, but U can try to use IE3D.

Can IE3D simulate the combination of Physical structure (antenna trace on PCB)and electrical capacitor ?
Also, can it show the frequency response ?

And, how to get this program even for trial version ?

in MWO I'm afraid you can't simulate simultaneously lumped and distributed elements. Some months ago me and my friend sucked a lot with this problem too, BUT if somebody knows a method or program that would be fine.

IE3D can combine the s-parameter obtained from field solver with other lumped components, but those lumped elements are not simulated inside the field solver.

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