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Cadstar complex template creation -help needed

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Nov 7, 2007
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cadstar 9

Hi all

I have facing a problem that how to create attached template having the same signal name as attached picture iam using cadstar 9.

I cannot see any signal names in the pictures?

However, if you can create a figure in Cadstar you can turn it into a template & name it any signal you want.

right click & select "Shape defaults" select template & a suitable thickness (1 thou is fine) your layer etc.

Create the shape.
finish it, then select it & choose its properties.

You will see in the 7th field down is the signal name one, select the signal that you want the template to be attached to.

If you already have this shape in your design as a figure for something, you can duplicate the shape as a template then do the same.

after lot of zoom in/out,i could not find any signal names:D

what cyberrat told,is the perfect way to create the template and i do not find any difficulty in creating the attached shape.

antarveena1982 have you been able to follow cyberrats suggestion?

I too have looked for signal names and can find none, however that is one of the easiest ways of making a template in Cadstar.

Perhaps explain more about the problem if that is not the solution.

Hi Cyberat & Abhi

Hope you still not able to understand the problem , this is the single template of GND, the procedure which you have mention is correct but the problem is that once we closed the template and start another template then its not possible to give the same name. not he same signal name also the same template as if when i select the template and copy it the whole template form again.

Hope the picture will make it more clear


Hi, I'm afraid that your not making yourself too clear.

Can you explain what it is that you are trying to do with this template?

I can see that your splitting your groundplane with this template.
(not always good for EMI)

If you are wanting both of those templates to instead be a single template, then simply take the left hand one, edit the shape (insert segment)
so that it goes outside the left edge of the board, around underneath and then up into the board again, then follow the shape of the right hand one and finally remove the first r/h one.

That way it is a single template.

Flooding copper will ignore anything outside of the board outline.

Is that what you are trying to achieve?

I may be new on the scene but I too know Cadstar well too;)

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