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cadence ic remote acess issue

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Dec 26, 2005
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I remotely acess cadence IC5141, and tried the following two programs respectively:

exceed 10: this is the best to use, but unfortunately, the transfer speed is very slow

VNC ( ): this is not as convenient as exceed, however, the transfer speed is fast enough .

there are some setup in exceed, but i still could not boost the speed after configuration, I believe there should be some way to boost the speed so that it can be as fast as using vcn, looking for help, by the way, i have dsl which is 1.5mbps (actual speed is 1.35mbps)

Our company have made a comparison of access speed to the Virtuoso Layout on a Sun Blade

W2k XWin32
W2k XManager
W2k Exceed 9.0
W2k RealVNC
Linux@PC rlogin & Display Redirection
Solaris@SUN rlogin & Display Redirection

If the remote was a W2k-PC Exceed was the fastest. RealVNC the slowest. Exceed is already faster than a Linux client. But the fastest was a Solaris at SUN Ultra as a client. There is no noticeable difference to a local SUN Blade.

A similar effect could possible be exist with Linux-Linux

for i know exceed is good, or you can try xwin32. vnc is free.

Our company use exceed 11.0,and it is very fast.
As far as i know,IC5141 have some different versions,the origin one is very fast,
but the others are very slow when you start a action firstly

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