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C Language - Linux - Non XProgramming

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Jul 27, 2001
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This topic i will try to explain how to build C in Linux for newbie-linux-programmer.
Does Anyone Interesting to this Topic ?

I will wait your comment about it, and continue anytime if anyone interest it.


Hi bsiswoyo,
This topic is a little outside of this forum , but I think it is very interesting and will be helpful for many of us. So I appreciate this discussion!

I will try to discuss it.
And i will explain my having understanding of C-linux-Programming.
For the firt step, please read "Advanced Linux Program Book" in pdf format.

please include X programming

Then, I think "Profissional Linux programming" may be a good chioce. During the book, you will develope a program for a DVD store, and while you are developing the program, you will learn how to use GTK, Qt, Sql, and even CVS. also many other topics are disscussed.

Hello again,
This is the next step:

On linux programming, have two programming method:

1> Non-XProgramming: Module (mybe in window *.dll, *.ocx etc), and non-graphical executable program (in window *.EXE).
2> XProgramming: Executable-Programming with graphical (windows).

Before try 2), for the firt time the programming via console (manual). And try step by step in C-Language.

This book explain how to build a C-Programming via console:

Before discuss the C-Programming on Linux without XProgramming, please dowlnoad this book, read carefully, try on computer, and visit this topic to discuss a problem


1 warning sent
7 posts just to say "read this book if you want to learn linux programming" and
to upload a freely available book

Xprog book

any Xprogramming LInux book

any direct link from the web available for this book ? too many points to loose. :(

Yes, it seems that i made a mistake

here is the file, tested before upload


1 warning sent, attachments deleted:
- Ebook is freely available on web ! Please check before uploading stuff !!
- Upload several attachments in 1 single post ! You can upload maximum
5 files of 3Mb each , in just ONE single post !

X programming usin X11 - online

**broken link removed**

here is another one
**broken link removed**

Could anyone make a single pdf document of this please

Thank you very much, Antharax

I don't know, why anyone give me a warning because this ebook is Open Publication License and can freely download from:

**broken link removed**

best regard

/ Warning #3 - No thanks at elektroda and link is already posted by Antharax!

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