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C code for fingerprint extraction and matching

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Mar 6, 2006
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fingerprint c code

Hi all,

I am working on fingerprint identification.Can anybody send me the source code for minutiae extraction and matching in C. I am able to find only matlab codes here which i m not able to understand.

fingerprint extraction

I know it is abit late but I am so so new in this forum.
check . It would be a good startup point...

I think converting MATLAB code to C is the best way to learn DSP Algos specially on Real Time. So try to understand MATLAB code available

Dear I can help in understandingMATLAB code and tansforming it to C as well

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but its been more than 6 years and has anyone found any C code for a fingerprint recognition system yet?

I have also tried converting the matlab code but some of them matlab functions such as bwlabel and regionprops are not supported by the Matlab Coder for standalone C conversion.

Dear I can help in understandingMATLAB code and tansforming it to C as well

Respected Sir,
could you provide me with the matlab code and transformed c code. Actually I am having a code of matlab where my minutae are getting extracted but I am unable to match them and further match two fingerprints. I am running out of time so it would be your great help if you could help.
my email id is:
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