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Boost Convertor with 12 pin MLF QFN based Design

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random person

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Jul 2, 2011
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Hey all, trying to make a DC to DC convertor that can boost a 3.7V lithium ion to 6V at 2A.

Was planning on using the MIC225 for this project. I need something very cheap, small, and has a nice high switching speed to eliminate the ripple and keep the inductor size small.
Datasheet ..ect here : Digi-Key - 576-3643-1-ND (Manufacturer - MIC2253-06YML TR)

The question:

How to I go about the prototype development for mounting and wiring the QFN package?

The biggest issue is the 3mm x 3mm cursed QFN package. Its not a common QFN package. Consequently I haven't seen any break out boards for it and I'm not sure a computer printed etched version would be able to print to the .5mm lead spacing that the 12pin-MLF-QFN would require. Any idea how I can get a solder pad to mount it on? Once I confirm my design i'll make a PCB for it at MakePCB - Home ... however i'd really like to confirm my design before I make a board for it.

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