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Best SW for simulating analog circuits?

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Mar 18, 2002
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Hi guys,

I'm in the process of trying to build an analog synth. So far I've managed to get a VCO working on my breadboard. But I wanted to try and simulate it (and other parts of the synth) using Multisim 2001. I want to do this because I want to add a filter VCA etc and would like to try out a few different schematics from old analog designs.

HOWEVER I'm finding that when I build exactly the same circuit (VCO) using Multisim 2001 that the F$&*ing thing doesn't do what it's supposed to. I even tried Electronics Workbench v5 and still could not emulate what I'd already bulit.

So I'm wondering if anyone can help by suggesting another program that might succesfully simulate my circuits. Or maybe suggest something I may be doing wrong. Prefferably something easy to use. I played with Protel and didn't like that one.




PSpice is worth a try. It has been around longer than any of the others and has had user complaints fixed.

Thanks Fartman ;)

Any tips on where to get it?


Pspice 9.1 demo is available at :


The closest to reality simulation available is Saber. (good luck getting it). PSpice has similar convergency problems as Multisim. You can still do few things with Multisim. Try to modify Multisim transient simulation properties (miscelaneous):
increase reltol to 0.05; change the integration method to "gear" and reduce rshunt to 1e8.

Pspice is good at device level simulation, however, on system level Saber is much better. It is powerful and flexible, and easy to control convergence problem. Besides electrical domain, it can simulate other domains such as thermal as well.

Have a good look at simulation options and make sure you are using real devices rather than generic. Multisim should be well capable of doing the job.



Beside Spice-based softwares, Saber is also a good choice!

TinaPro v6.0, B2 SPICE A/D V4.2.3a are also popular softwares for analog circuit simulations for real devices.

If you use Linux you can get a fully functional spice clone (with many useful extensions) at **broken link removed**

ICAP/4 (Spice from Intusoft) is very good also..
It's the analog (and limited mixed) simulator used
in Viewlogic > 7.3 .... ePD2 and 3.

Very good also for power circuits.

--> h**p://


I'm searching Saber on Internet, but no success!!! Where I can get it?

I like PSPICE because my collegue also include this type lecture, so I think other countries has used the same software for teaching.

I'm searching Saber on Internet, but no success!!! Where I can get it?

For more information on Synopsys Saber Designer check **broken link removed**.

sir the best So/Wr available out in the market is PSpice, beleiev me it simulation works just like your orignal implemented Hd/Wr.

Anyone has trial or demo version for Saber?

Added after 17 seconds:

Anyone has trial or demo version for Saber?

Use spice modules, some which are FREE. It is convenient.

ORCAD has limited student version. LTSPICE has unlimited version.

best regards

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