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Beginner Microcontrollers

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Sep 18, 2007
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microcontrollers for beginners

Hi there,
I'm looking inro microcontrollers for my college project. How ever I'm pretty stuck on what sort of microcontroller to begin with! I've only a small budget of £25 and thats to include other components aswell as the microcontroller.
I've experience in Assembly,C++ and some BASIC. So basically I'm looking into a microcontroller that can be programmed easily by BASIC or assembly?
A few beginners tutorials would be handy too.
Any general push in the right direction will be greatly appreicated
Many thanks

microcontroller for beginners

OK start with PIC!

**broken link removed**

it costs around 40$, demo board with Microcontroller(with LEDS on it) and a PICKit2 programmer! i think its good price :) and for the rest 10$ you can buy beer :D

i dont know yet about others, but i started with this thing! :) and it is cool!
i bought then another PIC, and connected it to PICKit2 through breadboard. also lessons are included on the CD-rom which comes with package. and there are a lot of PIC sources in internet. like.

best microcontroller for beginners

Hi,I think Atmel AVR is suitable as PIC,And the Basic compiler (BASCOM AVR)is
easy to use,and has commands and instructions more than other compilers,if u want,I can send related Refs.

microcontrollers voor beginners

yes for beginners AVR or PIC are good choices
you would find a lot of tutorials for both of them
both of them can be programmed in Assemply ,C/C++ and Basic

microcontroller beginner

i think the best choice for a beginner in AVR because it has a simple assembly.
PIC in a good choice but has difficult assemlby


beginner microcontroller

I'll Recommend PIC from Microchip, as its quite easy to learn and you can even order its free samples from so it will also suit your budget...
as the question is which programming language skill will be required so for that you don't have to worry as PIC compilers supports Assembly, C and whcih ever you like you can use...
Best Regards

microcontrollers beginners

The best book is Embedded Design with the PIC18F452 Microcontroller by John Peatman. If you were to buy a copy it would wipe out your budget, but try the library.

You could just get a solderless breadboard and wire up a microcontroller circuit or buy one of the boards. If you buy the Oshonsoft Pic Simulator and use the bootloader you will only need a programmer to load the bootloader. Try the Pickit2 from Microchip.

beginners microcontroller

try to see also the 8051 will find many sample projects using this microcontroller...

microcontroller for beginner

I recommend using the PIC microcontroller, since it's easy to learn with them and thanks to the plethora of existing tutorials and the free development tools available on the net.

beginners 8051

Another comprehensive book on the PIC is by Myke Predko. I believe it is in a third edition. Take a look on

microcontroller programing for beginners

hey if u r a beginer try to use 8051 core that will be easier and i think it wont cost u much also

microcontroller programming tutorial beginners

i often jump here: **broken link removed**
or here for 89S (derived from above):

i used 89S-series because it has ISP facility that allow you to program it with normal operation voltage (5V). but now i use AVR such as Atmega16 because it has internal ADC and internal PWM that suitable for my project.

AVR is 12 times faster than 89S for the same x-tal frequency.

8051 beginners

what do you wanna do???
and how do you wanna be ???
that is the mater
if you want to be a professional user you have to choice asembly or c language becuse the basic is a
weak language
and thare is lot of micro to choice but 3of thaen are famous (8051,PIC,avr)
8051 is not very friendly
PIC is very friendly
and the avr is very frindly too
but i choiced avr for myself becuse i think that is a professional micro becuse of it's performance and internal eeprom and sram and price

microcontroller program beginner

Please Specify any particular application

8051 is good for beginers..

THE 8051 MICROCONTROLLER by SCOTT MACKENZIE will be a useful book.

beginners 8051 programe

if you prefer using 8051, check the tutorial from

it's easy for beginners

microcontroller beginners

Use PIC, it is easy and there is plenty of documentation, exemples on this µm on the net.

8051 beginner

AVR with BASCOM(BASIC Compiler) is fast and easy,and take care that PICs are more expensive than equivalent AVRs,but I think PICs are more stable
microcontrollers for beginners

List of your options:
- 8051 microcontroller
- PIC microcontroller
- AVR microcontroller

they're all not too expensive, easily programmable using assembly language, and lots of aplications in the internet. It's up to you to decide. Or else, if you want to save your budget, you can also design your own project board. The minimum system can easily found in the internet.

microcontroller beginners tutorial

I prefer you start with the PIC, You can build your own programmer also, plenty of schematics on the net.
Concerning the language, it depends on the application you are planning to do.
if it s big and using LCD, keypad...It will b better to write your code using basic else use assembly if you wana be kind of professional ;)
a 10 line in basic can be equivalent to 100 line in assembly :S

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