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Basic Stamp? is a DIY version available?

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Jun 19, 2001
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diy basic stamp

I see lots of information for small projects using the Basic Stamp?

As a total beginner with PIC's I though that this may be the place to start (I want to control a robot too).
(I'm too thick to learn to program in ASM ;-))

I have got a schematic of the stamp2, its freely available on the site.
But has anyone got the code for inside the interpreter pic so I can build my own stamp?

And another thing? - PicBasic... is this for the stamp or can I use it to program an ordinary PIC ?

Any help and URL's appreciated.
Roland. will sell you the chip set's on there own. I have never seen a hex dump for the chip's, ( It would be nice to have though).

Yes the PicBasic Pro compiler can be used on most if not all of the microchip range and now has support for some hardware functions ADC, serial I/O. It also includes a set of Basic Stamp definitions so that any basic stamp program can be used with little or no changes.

>> (I'm too thick to learn to program in ASM :wink:)
It's not to bad once you make a start on it and the ICD makes it a lot simplier.

They will show you any interpreter code in memory for sure.
Yoy will fine the peter anderson's web that still sells the homebrew STAMP.
check it from Parallax web links.

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