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Barebones PFD and charge pump chip?

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Jan 20, 2011
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I wanted to start designing some polar feedback systems using a PLL for phase correction, but I really want to avoid using a digitally programmable PLL. I'm able to use microcontrollers and such, but I really don't want to put one on a PCB for the soul purpose of programming a PLL once on power up. So I was hoping to basically find a chip with a good PFD, and hopefully a charge pump, built in. A built in VCO is fine, but not necessary. No R or N dividers, since I want a 1:1 ratio. My intended frequency ranges from 50-150MHz.

So basically I'm looking for a higher frequency version of the old CD4046. Any ideas?

Yes, that looks good, though very expensive and not available at distributors... but the HMC1031 looks suitable as well, and is more available, thanks.

I need to be able to track frequency and phase without error, even with large transient steps, so I'm pretty sure an XOR wouldn't work as a PFD.

Could you explain using an I/Q mixer for PFD a bit more? I know that mixing can give a phase/frequency error measurement, but how could the I/Q error signals be used with a VCO in order to lock frequency and phase (without a DSP to do the math)?

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