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Bandpass modualtion question

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Oct 26, 2005
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I have a question thats been puzzling me for a long time now and would appreciate if the digi comm guru's would enlighten me with your knowledge.

If you read Bernald Sklar Digital Comm textbook the block diagram of the digi comm system is shown in each chapter. My question is about the bandpass modulation block coming after the pulse modulation.

If a line code (NRZ, RX or phase encoded etc.. ) is generated in the pulse modulation block then is that waveform sent to the bandpass modulation block and then accroding to which BP modualtion (ASK, PSK, FSK) I chose the final waveform is generated for transmission.

If seems that it would be easier to just take the bit stream and map them to the appropriate BP modulation technique.

If a line code is generated first then we would have to decode the initially generated line code and then generate a BP modulation from that which would seem to be making everything more complicated.

Also my next question is

If a M-ary pulse modulation is done at the pulse modulation block how can that signal be BP modulated?

Is my assumption wrong and baseband systems and bandpass systems totally separate?

Meaning line code (PCM waveform) and M-ary pulse modulation can only be done on baseband communication and

If I wanted to do a bandpass modulation system the bit streams are directly mapped to a BP modulation scheme?

Hope I was clear with my question.

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