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ASK code for digital communication

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Dec 2, 2005
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matlab projects on ngn

Hey Guys,

I would appreciate it if you guys helped me and proposed ideas for my draduation project in Communications Major. I wanna really do something perfect. dont be lazy to reply please you will get three points ;)

Thanks in advance.

graduation project in ngn

hmmm pretty good question here are some ideas,

1.wat abt GSM SOFT mobile (software about the mobile connecting the calll and the sms and all other functions)

2.voice compression

3. image processing

4. short messaging services over the fixed (land) line


6. global positioning system

7. anti theft system of CAR

8. security management and monitoring using swtches camera that convey any type of indication on the handset (mobile preferably)

9. ATM simulation

10. PCM codec

11. digital line unit (DLU)

12. gsm network, arch, funtions, improvements, 3G candiates, and up to next generation ur ideas research

13. Private automatic Branch Exchange

14. Line Encryption Unit (LEU)

15. Bulk Encryption Unit(BEU)

16. D1, E1,T1 sterams (study, implementaion, research and more)

17. fascimile(secure fax)

18.CDMA (u cant implement but study, research improvement,bandwidth and all information)

19. blue tooth (try to increase the distance of blue tooth operation device using a blue tooth amplifier)

20. implemation of serial communication (CaN) using microcntroller master slave concept and with the sestained bandwidth

i think these ideasfull fill ur requirements
take care

hsdpa implementation using omnet++

haven't u any idea about the field of ur inteests.
for example u want towork in :
communication networks( upper layers or physical layers)
sourse or chanel coding
wireless mobile networks
optic comm.
signal processing (including speech, image,...)
afer determining ur background filed ucan then choose a more detailed subject.

telecommunication home small students projects

if you are interested in networks
routing algorithems



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sdr graduation project

If U have interest in coding and comm then my sugesstion is: multiuser detection in MIMO cdma systems using STBC or Turbo codes

amplifier graduation project

If i were you i willl start going on all University website who offer engineering programs..where you will be able to find undergrad thesis project.. or you can start reading article on Circuit Celler magazine.. or other communication magazine..... than you will have idea about whats going on in industry right now this should be able to help you on your projects..:D

GO to circuit celler website this should give u good start.. or you can also first find out which industry you want to work and then select your project... so become and good assest.. for example if you want to work in celluar industry you can choose your thesis as communication and embedded system toghether......

voip graduation project

hi there,

As everyone has said, it will be difficult to suggest a project for you when you haven't stated your interest. If you can come with the area you're most interested in, we can then suggest a suitable project.

Regards, RICKYLO umts graduation projects

VoIP is a good subject for a Graduation Project.It is the future of communications. I can help you if you are interested in this field of interest if you want.I hope you will be successful whatever you choose.

graduation projects+voip

You can do in underwater Communications

graduation project about image processing

OFDM and IMAGE PROCESSING are hot topics of research these days


telecommunication graduation projects

You can also think of simulating UWB or implementation of WLAN


i recommend you topic
12. gsm network, arch, funtions, improvements, 3G candiates, and up to next generation ur ideas research

or my advice
design a gsm modulator/modulator using look-up table
tech and simulate in matlab and
design dsp board with aid of ccs studio (ti tools)

image processing graduation project

i oso suffer about what to do for my final year project..
im interest in digital..
someone can help to provide some idea?
and i wan to ask. wat is digital line unit???

3g graduation project

hi if you r interested in vlsi project then there r lots of project which i had made including digital thermometer ..if you r from india then i can help you or go to link h**p:// for more details or contact me at deb_mallik(at)

ad-hoc graduation projects

in the wireless comm. , hot topics are :
i suggest to work on the above subjects.

image processing graduation project ideas

well, i would suggest simulation & modelling of Ad Hoc sensor wireless networks
(hot topic nowadays),,,,

Also, u can go for UWB Antennas,,,

Good Luck

samples of best architecture graduation project

If you're interested in wireless, I suggested that design of modulation based on software defined redio (SDR) concept. You can choose any modulation scheme to start your work.

suggestion for my architecture graduation project

Since you are graduating in the communication major so it will be wise to do the power line communication project which will be helpful as well as interesting too.

communication and network graduation project

There is a new type of pseudorandom sequence generator called jumping LFSR

You can try and analysis it

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