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Are there many people using Fujitsu microcontroller?

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Feb 24, 2002
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Happy new year! I wonder if there are many people who using fujitsu microcontroller? In same how I feel alone who using fujitsu uC, because none talking about fujitsu uC here.

Best Regards,

fujitsu microcontroller forum

hi ...

i use the fujitsu (16/32bit series) for 2 projects in this moment - but wanna tr y the mitsubishi series ...


Are you looking for any special Fujitsu topic ?
I am using MB90F387, MB90F523 and MB90F543 (both 16Bit)
and I am also very happy with these controllers.
Also I have done some small Eva-Boards.

accemic debugger

would u share your eva. board with us?

softune v3 8l


I've just started to work with Fujitsu MB90V390, but my problem is that Softune Workbench V3.3 does not support it.

Does anybody know how I can deal with this problem?

90f543 answers

Description of my EVA-Boards (90F387, 90F543 incl. other 100pin derivates) can be found on:
Within next weeks, a low-cost synchronous Programmer (compatible to FlashKit) will be published.
Unfortunately the web-page is in german ...

According to 90V390:
Why dont you contact the Fujitsu distributor (,
if you have the Eva-Chip 90 V 390, you will have the emulator system MB2147, and you will get the latest workbench with support for MB90V390.
Or are you talking about the Flash-Chip MB90 F 394 ...
So you have to handle the ROM, RAM-size settings of Workbench 3.3 by your own (project settings, linker options).
Or you have to wait for Embedded World fair, I think a new CD will be released ...

fujitsu mb90v390


Actual Workbench can be found on:

**broken link removed**

90f543 project


I use fujitsu micro for mass production. Dev tools are realy expansive and micro prices are acceptable in masked version.

But fujitsu are good in low power.

That is a explanation of poor subjects related to fijitsu in this forum.



tcsa35 said:

Actual Workbench can be found on:

**broken link removed**

Can't find there any newer Workbench ... only older than mine ...

can you provide an link ? (russian is not my language:) )


softune workbench v3.3 free

The actual Workbench is located on the Microcontroller CD "Micros V3.3", and can be order via the distributors:

It is FREE of charge in Europe !
The Workbench includes C-Compiler & Simulator.

The new CD V3.4 will be availble hopefully on the "Embedded World"
mid february in Nürnberg/Germany

fujitsu 90f543

Hi ...

I have the CD 3.3 already - but i'm searching for an newer version with support for the new micros ...

in the moment i have to modify the processor-settings myself ....


free version of softune

Hi all!!
I just read this discussion.
I can say in my work we're almost everyday working with these
processors. It's not important what version of Softune you
have, the important thing, in my opinion, is the debuging tool.

We use Accemic MDE ( Besides that, They have
a lot of links to third party developpers and their own
Forum about LX16 and FR.
See ds's answer in the thread "Fujitsu Debugger Accemic-Softune
" about how to get Accemic demo version full operating.

Best regards

Added after 8 minutes:

Hello all.
As I see there're people outside working with these processors,
so here again with a technical question for all of you.

My aplication saves data into sector SA2 of Flash memory, which
is the smallest one and doesn't produces any conflict with MCE
(as it semms).

I'm trying to write routines to write and read data easier than
what I have right now. For that matter, I need to get global
variables meaningfull aligned into consecutive memory
positions to make the saving and reading procedures not so
memory consuming.

I thought in any #pragma directive similar to
#pragma location ....
to be used before variable's declaration, but I'm not able to
find what the syntax is.

I'd be please to hear your advice.
Best Regards

fujitsu microcontroller

Stop posting same question in different topics here!!!

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