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Analog Input/Output Connections Wiring

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Oct 2, 2014
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I have an instrument which I want to connect with my cable. I just want to know how to connect Analog Signals between the instrument and my cable.
The instrument has following pinouts:
Here shown Pin5 and 6:

But on my cable i have the following Pinouts:

So, wondering if Pin5 from Instrument shall go to Pin 7 of cable
or it does not matter?
Cannot find more information in datasheet.


Resectfully, the informations couldn't be more vague.

"An instrument" --> could be anything. Read it's datasheet. If you don't understand the given information, then please provide a link to the datasheet and tell us what is unclear.

"A cable" --> most probably the cable is connected to some device. We don't know. You have to tell us. A pure cable has no pins at all, thus I guess there is a connector. Maybe a standard connector, maybe some custom connector. Please give more detailed information. Regarding datasheet: here applies the same as above.

A signal" --> could be anything. Analog, digital, modulated, single ended, differential .... we need more information. It could be audio, it could be an antenna signal, it could be USB, it could be the diagnosis signals of your car. All need different treatment.

Not meant offending, just to give you a picture:
Pin numbers without context have no meaning. It's like saying the train stops at platform 12. Not knowing which station, nor time nor if you want to enter or leave the train.


Unfortunately I have very little information.
When it comes to Cable Pinouts, i could find out that these Analog_In_2 and Analog_In_1 signals were going to these AD8628 Op-amps:

The outputs from these Op-amps was connected to a 16:1 Multiplexer.


We still can´t be sure whether Analog_OUT_- and Analog_OUT_+ are true differential signals.
The abbreviation "DO" often is used tor "digital out" ...

Still unclear whether the two channels are processed (on the analog side or maybe digital side) as single channels or as differential channels.

--> all we can do is guess.


DO is not Digital Signal. It stands for Dissolved Oxygen.
So, everything here is in Analog Domain.


"dissolved oxygen" .. so it seems you have some detail knowledge about the application.
Then why do you hide some informations that are essential to answer your question?

You talk about mystic "instrument" and "cable" .. without giving it´s names / datasheet links.

You even wrote "can not find more information in the datasheet". But you hide the datasheet.
Obviously we can not know what is written in the datasheet.

I guess it's better to make room for others to help you.


What do you seem reluctant to provide us with the complete information about this system as you were asked?
We really don't care for a game of "20 Questions", :rolleyes:

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