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Amplifier with DAC input

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May 13, 2015
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i want to make a amplifier circuit for DAC that can adjust the intensity of halogen lamp

i already have a DAC circuit that can adjust 1-5V of the output, but i try to give the output of DAC as an input of the amplifier, and it's not work properly..

is there any circuit that you can recommend ?

Spesification :

trafo : CT 3A

The output of the DAC might be DC. If you amplify it to 12VDC at up to 50W/12V= 4.2A then the amplifier will be linear and get very hot.
Pulse-Width-Modulation pulses should be used instead so that the switching output does not waste power by getting hot.

I use an arduino to create dac power,

Is that PWM? How can i uses that to make an amplifier?

I do not know an Arduino but I think it can easily produce PWM. A logic-level Mosfet can be the amplifier. The PWM simply switches it on and off. The width of the pulses determines the brightness of the light bulb. Because the Mosfet switches on with almost no voltage across it and switches off with no current in it then its heating (voltage times current) is very low.
is there any way to control the intensity of the lamp ?

i want to control the lamp that can adjusting to themperature from sensor. (i try to use pid controller). is there any way to make a way,

if you can help me, i'd appreciate it, thank you.

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