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[SOLVED] Amplifier Board Repair

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Sep 25, 2015
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Hi everyone,
While I was testing an amplifier board, I accidently short circuited the output and damaged the IC below. I searched for it's device marking on the internet but I coulnd't find it.
Here is some information if it gives any clue:

Pin-1 and Pin-4 are short circuit on the board.
Pin-2 and Pin-5 are short circuit on the board
Pin-3 : Connected directly to the -VCC(-15V)
Pin-6: Connected directly to the +VCC(+15V)

It doesn't have any GND pin. I think it is an Opamp but I coulnd't find it's manufacturer. It's in the final stage of the amplifier, and It can provide nearly +/-14.6V at it's output. I am going to provide more information after I figure out it's connections.


short circuit on the board or in the IC or don't know?
short circuit on the board or in the IC or don't know?
Dear Tony,
I desoldered the component, they are short circuit on the board.
Pin-5 and Pin-2 are connected to the another opamp's output.
And either Pin-1 or Pin-4 is output. I think with these connections it is less likely an opamp.

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ok does it look like this?View attachment 182390

On making wild assumptions for an audio amplifier specifications in an SOT-363 package like yours with the same PCB connections, I simulated this design and package for BJTs then found a similar design here but not the same markings. Try Rohm or Diodes Inc.

Yours probably has gain resistors. The max out increases to 14.6 with no load using RRO OA.
Dear Tony, thank you very much for your help, it really looks like that :) .
It's NXP's NPN/PNP transistor model which is PBSS4160DPN.
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